Michiel Vergauwe
Architectural, interior and lifestyle photography

Michiel Vergauwe portrays architecture and interior, landscape, objects, products and lifestyle for architectural practises, builders, artists and designers, with eight for atmosphere, context and detail. Light, texture and composition conduct the photo shoot. Every single shot is carefully finalized in post-production.
Architectural, interior and lifestyle photography.
Michiel Vergauwe Photography
✓ Planning and coordination
✓ Optimizing the spaces
✓ Post-production in-house
✓ Portfolio discount from 6 projects
Planning and coordinating photo shoots is time-consuming; coordinate with the client, timing the shoot considering orientation, light and weather forecast. Let me take this task off your hands.
As the client of the photo shoot, you must first obtain the approval for the shoot from your client and provide me with the necessary coordinates (contact details of the owner, address, orientation or location plan, briefing with points of interest). In consultation with the client, I plan the photoshoot, taking into account the weather forecast and orientation of the project, and keep you informed of agreements made. You are of course welcome to help coordinate the shoot.
I take my time to optimize the spaces and environment; clearing and staging result into a stylish composition. I have a series of design objects available.
In post-production I personally finalize each composition into a publication-worthy result.

Rates and options

  • 1 photo report €400
  • 6+ photo reports €360/rep

    in 1 application and execution within 6 months

  • Drone shots €135
  • Reel slideshow 'best of' €95
  • Distance rate starting from 50km €0,45/km
1 report =1/2 day (3 hours at site)
Extra hours at €130/hour (e.g. due to size of the project / demand for extra shots depending on sunlight and orientation / unexpected amount of staging or clean-up work)
Post-production is included
A report includes a selection of 35 finished images unless stated otherwise
Delivered digitally (sRGB) in high resolution + web resolution + social media format
Social media format and other custom formats (with e.g. logo) are possible, additional costs on request
Reports available for quite some time and can be downloaded via Dropbox
Rates are exclusive of VAT and apply to 1 license for 1 client*
*see ‘Rights and usage licenses’

Rights and User Licenses

The photographer remains the owner of the images (copyright) and can always use them freely for his own promotion.
The client purchases a user license and can therefore freely use the images for promotion.
The right to resell or pass on the images to parties other than the client is reserved for the photographer, unless stated otherwise
Additional user licenses for project partners are possible at €200/license. The total can be divided by the number of licenses, so that each party receives a report at a favorable rate.
Unless impossible, all parties must mention/tag © Michiel Vergauwe Photography.
In line with the position of the PfA.iB (Photographers for Architecture.in Belgium), for publications in media from commercial publishers, the photographer is contacted in advance and the photographer is offered (by the publisher) a reasonable and market-based publication fee for this specific publication. Unless otherwise agreed, the publisher will limit the use of these images to the publication that is the subject of the agreement.

Architectural, interior and lifestyle photography.
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